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Nov 24, 2020
happyhiker Redshirt Freshman
Tom- STOP being walked on nice guy with the P12. Stand up for BYU loud w/facts.
He needs to do something to take back control of the narrative. If people really understood what UW wanted BYU to agree to, then any rational person would be mad at the P12 and UW. Gotta fight fire with fire in this case. Tom has never seemed to me like a guy who can angrily go on the media to defend BYU here, but that is what is needed. While UW and P12 deliberately set out to do a smear campaign, part of the fault is on Tom Holmoe for not showing the world how ridiculous the UW demands were. Show that BYU did everything and anything reasonable to make it happen, but UW was in the wrong and unreasonable.
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