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Nov 24, 2020
lbmango All-American
Here's what I care about...
I want to see as much BYU football as possible this year. That's the bottom line. I'd like to see BYU add 2 games against the best opponents they can find. BYU doesn't really have much control over whether they get a NY6 bid or not, but they do have control over whether they schedule additional games.

So BYU is currently 9-0 with 1 game left against SDSU. I'd love to see BYU play 4 more times: SDSU, two additional games added, a bowl game. Frankly, I'm MUCH more interested in seeing BYU play as many games as possible than trying to calculate what gives them the best chance to get a NY6 bid. Schedule the best games possible and then let the chips fall where they may.

All this political nonsense is making me weary.
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