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Nov 24, 2020
sgriff All-American
College football is my favorite sport , but it has the worst “playoff” system
in all the world. And it’s not even close. Just terrible. It’s just a popularity contest. It’s actually worse than that. It’s an elitist club for the haves that excludes all outsiders.

I’m so pissed. BYU just got robbed and screwed over for everyone to see and there’s nothing that can be done about it. They ranked them 14?!?! That just conveniently places them just outside the big boy bowl games and not a prayers shot at the playoff.

What more is BYU supposed to do?!?! Their games all get canceled. They scramble to make a new schedule and dominate everyone they play. They climb the rankings to #8. They have a top 5 QB. And now they’re ranked 14 for playoff consideration?

Why even bother playing the games. The post season was already decided months ago apparently. College football is broken. This is nonsense.
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