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Nov 24, 2020
JrodinDC Redshirt Freshman
Here’s why I absolutely love what happened tonight
1 - we are getting a ton of national press saying we were disrespected. When was the last time that happened? CFB reporters are giving us a lot of attention tonight. Doubt we get that if we are 2-3 spots higher like a lot of people projected. I’ll take a two-spot drop for this attention.

2 - Our team is going to be on fire coming out of this. I cannot wait for our next game. Might be the best BYU football I’ve seen in my life. We are a good squad and everyone now will see it, based on the response we are seeing nationally tonight. And our very good team was just given the gift of a monster chip on their shoulder that doesn’t come if we’re ranked three spots higher. How bad do you thing our guys want to play anyone right now? Shoot, I want to strap up and go play after tonight.

3 - We’ve always needed more games. One FBS game post-Boise was never going to cut it. If we come in ranked 8-10 tonight, and don’t have more games, we’d drop regardless. CFP committee has a clear history of dropping teams that don’t play. We just need the games.

I will gladly trade 2-3 spots in the polls to get the attention we’re seeing tonight and to set this team off, knowing they have to make a statement.

In my opinion, we are going to see some of the best BYU football we’ve ever seen in the coming month. Can’t wait.
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