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Nov 25, 2020
LEDSFW Intervention Needed
The fix seems to have been in. C19 has cost P5's as half a $B in gate...
...and so:

1. The P5's cut out all G5s and Independents by removing them from schedules, thus artificially deflating their SOS.

2. They kept the Bowl Alliance together because those games will likely produce around $50 million in badly needed revenues.

3. They were shocked when Cincinnati and BYU were so good, but knew Cincinnati was required to get one of the 12 slots, so it made no attempt the degrade the Bearcats as it simply made no point.

4. It only helps BYU to play two more games if possible, but no team above BYU will do that and the PAC will not have a prayer as the P5's put Oregon down in the 15th spot below BYU. It has decided to help the pathetic Big12 and piss on the PAC.

5. I might have thought these things possible, but really believed the committee was made up of honorable, respectable people. Turns out for the most part it apparently isn't! But today gave BYU and all G5 programs some level of clarity.

6. More on #5 tomorrow after I assemble some thoughts. I thought about posting the Committee chairs phone number, but that would only allow BYU fans to assuage their anger at today's collective insult. No, I think BYU andcfrankly the entire G5 needs to start talking to the NCAA about letting the P5 go, boot them, and then turn all evidence of their collusion over to the Justice Department, the Law Schools at BYU, Temple and Tulane, and let them go after the P5 in a two front attack:

A) Anti-Trust
B) Loss of the NCAA Tax Protection Umbrella.

Per B, since those 65 want out, then they should also give up their special tax benefits, you know,

* The Scholarships, housing, meals and perks worth over $300K at B1G, ACC, etc. institutions that are tax free income over four years. Do NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL get that kind of money without taxation? No! Scholarships are salary and the P5 is simply proving it.

* The licensed merchandizing revenue without taxation. Would the Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, Lions say to a newly freed Michigan or MSU, absolutely compete with us for every entertainment dollar and never pay taxes. The NCAA protects P5's from that.

* What about attendance revenue (gate), TV/Media revenue, and concessions? That revenue us again taxed on several more levels for pro-teams.

* Well congress and the IRS would just roll over and give the P5s all the same tax benefits as the NCAA. Well with over 600 other NCAA members scattered across 50 states, the P5's would need friends in high places it might not really have. If you screw Montana, you think its Senators are going to say, yes we'll help Ohio State out? Got news for you, the P5s have spent twi decades carefully shaping college sports so that it could continue to build and enjoy every advantage over programs like BYU.

* We now are clear, the P5 sets the table invites the guests that all compliment each other on the fine aroma of their every fart and force the teams they've marginalized so as to achieve glossy records to go sit at the kids table.

If I am Tom Holmo, I am livid at this point. Their arrogance is intolerable.

Well ultimately SPONSORS pay the bills and so maybe that's who need to be hit in the pocket book.

Like I said, time to set all this aside and ponder it all. One thing is certain, it's time for BYU to get aggressive behind closed doors. BYU is an ESPN investment. It has a voice. It needs ESPN front and center to talk openly about how unreasonable and convenient it was for P5 people to control everything, then to take away BYU's schedule and then punish BYU for replacing it while being good. I would not want to be San Diego State in two weeks.
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