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Nov 25, 2020
Burgandy? Redshirt Freshman
College Football is the most unfair sport in the world today...
Every sport played right now if you win, you get the chance to just keep playing... every sport except college football. Think about it...

-NCCA basketball
-High school sports

If you win games, you just get to keep playing until somebody beats you. CFB is just about the only major sport in the United States where this isn't the case. A select few are chosen every year by themselves to compete in a "playoff" that was selected by people that only have allegiances to a few major conferences, certainly not to BYU. The Cougs could have won out on their original schedule this year... they still wouldn't have made it in. These people don't HAVE to invite BYU so they won't. In the CRAZY year of 2020, who has the Opportunity to jump into this playoff... Notre Dame, Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State.... blah blah blah. This isn't changing. Don't think that it will
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