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Nov 25, 2020
CObluezone All-American
Why this CFP ranking hurts us more than anything: The future................
1.) What recruit wants to come to BYU when despite playing your heart out and being on a great team, you will never sniff the CFP or NY6? Kids want to play for the best and have a shot at the playoff and big games. Highly recruited LDS kids see this and know they rather play for 6-2 Oklahoma team and have a shot than get screwed at BYU.

2.) What position coach or head coach wants to pour their heart and soul in their job and then get shafted every year? Keeping great coaches (regardless of money) is a HUGE disadvantage when getting slapped in the face. You think Grimes really won't jump at the chance to be Iowa St.'s (or any other mediocre P5 program) OC or Head Coach when his chance comes? Just so he gets a shot at championship? These coaches are competitive by nature, they want chances to win a title. It will be very difficult to keep elite coaches in the program.

3.) Fandom is in jeopardy. We as fans realize that we will NEVER do anything enough to impress the elitists' buttholes of the P5 conferences and CFP committee members. It's difficult to want to donate money, go to games, buy apparel of a team that will never sniff another NC or even get a chance. I am a mega-BYU fan (just ask anyone in my ward, family or co-workers), but this is getting difficult as a fan and kind of makes me apathetic for BYU football in the future.

So to the CFP committee, I send you nothing but bad wishes and GIANT middle finger to you all.
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