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Nov 25, 2020
runningryan Truly Addicted User
Poor Communication and ego has ruined this college football season.
As I look back over the past week it seems to me like the cancellation of the Utah/ASU, WA/WSU, and Fresno/SDSU games were pretty inevitable as early as Sunday. If it was not for the arrogance of the PAC 12 and its stupid rules, there could have been a BYU vs Utah game and SDSU vs WA game. With CU potentially becoming available they could have even had a WA/CU game rather than that. Instead, BYU and SDSU were too busy figuring out what the PAC 12 was doing and missed a chance to move their game up. Everyone lost.

The past week, however, is nothing compared to the stupidity of the NCCA and its conferences. They had since March to get on the same page and agree to protocols, testing procedures/requirements, and contingency plans. Instead, they all thought they were leaders and tried to do their own thing by themselves and only told everyone after they made their decisions. They each thought they were smarter than the other. As a result we got chaos with lots of games cancelled that didn’t need to be and billions lost.

This is what happens when you get of virtue signaling academics and career administrative bureaucrats making decisions. I am just floored that the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL could get their act together but these idiots couldn’t. The saddest part is the real victims are the players who have worked so hard and just wanted to play. They were willing to sacrifice and endure additional measures to make it possible but the self righteous elitists never came out of their ivory towers to communicate with anyone.
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