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Nov 26, 2020
lbmango All-American
Comments on Tonight's Game
Not going to comment on everyone. Just a few quick comments son some of the players.

1. Barcello. Wow! What a game. Played under control, made great decisions, and scored. He has really stepped up his game from last year and embraced his role as the leader of the team. He was really impressive tonight.

2. Avarrete. Great addition. He'll also be a consistent scorer. Felt like he forced things a few times, and got a couple of reaching fouls that he needs to avoid. But he can effectively penetrate and set up the big guys inside. As he gets more and more comfortable he'll quickly become a fan favorite.

3. Baxter. He's going to get a lot of dunks inside and block a lot of shots. Plays with so much energy. Very excited to see him develop over the course of the season.

4. Lohner. Athletic freak. The sky's the limit for this kid. Plays with so much energy.

5. Knell. As he gets more PT he'll get better and better. Showed he's got the potential to be a great outside shooter.

6. George. He's really going to help this team. Great defense. Hustles all the time. Good shooter too.

General Comments.

--Great effort on defense. Still a work in progress, but the defense will be solid, especially with all the big guys inside.
--Great 3-point shooting. Amazingly, I'm comfortable with any of the players on the team taking a 3, if they're open. How many teams can you say that about?
--So much depth, and not much drop off when subs come in.
--Determining who gets PT and how much will be one of Pope's biggest challenges.
--Very excited to see Haarms soon. This team was great tonight without him, but adding a skilled 7 footer will add even more.
--I don't see this team getting blown out by anyone. They play too good of defense, have too many good 3-point shooters, and have too much depth.
--When Haarms returns I expect he'll replace Lee in the starting lineup.
--So thankful that BYUtv is broadcasting these early games. #GiveThanks
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