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Nov 27, 2020
PGVikingDad All-American
This experience still infuriates me: About 17 years ago, my youngest son was
diagnosed with severe epilepsy. Naturally, my wife and I were desperate to try anything. My wife somehow learned of an LDS chiropractor in another state who claimed great progress with a revolutionary new therapy for epilepsy sufferers. She consequently spent a couple thousand bucks that we certainly couldn't afford at the time (Note: I never blamed her for trying) to travel to the distant clinic and pay for a consultation, and then hauled my poor, suffering son halfway across the country in her bid for help. Result? Yep, Muscle Testing ("Applied Kinesiology"). Total, complete garbage.

So, yeah, I have very, very strong feelings about the harm those idiots are doing. So sorry for anyone who buys into their bullcrap. I feel the same toward chiropractic "medicine" in general. Bunch of quacks peddling nonsense to the gullible and desperate.
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