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Nov 27, 2020
lawilson All-American
Hey guys... Let's take a chill pill for a minute. At this point the only teams
that can help us move up into NY6 are ranked about 8 - 13. It doesn't matter how many teams we blow out if they are ranked lower than us. Our victory over BSU is a perfect example of that.

So many posts have made it sound like Holmoe needs to schedule just one more game with any team with a pulse to get us the respect we deserve. It ain't gonna happen.

Let me ask... Would a blowout win over CU move the dial any more than the blowout win over BSU? How about a blow out win over Air Force. Maybe that would be the ticket? Maybe if we scheduled them both before the SDSU game maybe on a Monday and Thursday and blew both of them out. Would that be enough? Not a chance.

The only thing that can help us now is to have absolute chaos in the ranks of the 6 or 7 teams above us. Covid can provide that, or just key losses. But come on guys give our kids a break. TH will do everything he can to get us the best possible games in December but unless the teams at 8-13 start losing big, our ceiling is 14.

For those who worry about the possibility of dropping further down in the rankings... I say so what. If we don't make it to the NY6, we are bound for an "also ran" bowl anyway. Whether we are 10-0, 11-0, 12-0, or 15-0 it won't matter because the committee has made up it's mind.

As far as I am concerned, BYU has had a magical year and I just want to see them play a full season of games. Let the ranking chips fall as they may. Kalani has said they want a total of 12 games. That would give me the opportunity to watch them 4 more times including a bowl game. I would be grateful for that. Anything more would be extra icing on the cake.

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