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Nov 27, 2020
cougaman Intervention Needed
I don't know if there is any way that the P12 will schedule BYU, unless somehow
they can get Oregon or USC on the schedule, and they think that gives them a shot at getting into the top 4.

Everything with scheduling went down just the way they would have planned it. They were able to make BYU look bad by not committing to the Washington game. The rankings come out and show that BYU is on the outside looking in and need another game, so now the p12 (and possibly all of the p5 conferences feel this way). Washington gets the game they want anyway. Now they get SDSU to play Colorado, where they can put 1 more loss on the only team that BYU has left on the schedule. When other teams get games cancelled, they will just use the "BYU is hard to work with" excuse to not schedule BYU. Now if SDSU can somehow find a way to beat Colorado that helps them look better for when BYU plays them, but I wouldn't be surprised to have SDSU have a "covid outbreak" after next weeks game against Colorado. I know this is pessimistic, but I wouldn't be that surprised if BYU doesn't play another game before bowl season.
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