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Nov 27, 2020
Zaphod Don’t Panic
BYU needs to fill the remaining schedule with any games they can regardless of
‘how it would help them in the rankings.’ Truth is, the CFP committee is blatantly corrupt and everyone sees it. The best weapon we have is to be on TV, both on the field and in the discussions of sports analysts, announcers, and anyone else who are willing to call them out. If we aren’t playing, it becomes stale and they’ll move on. If we are playing, and we continue to stomp whoever, the discussions become inflamed. As much of a cesspool that Twitter is, it can work for us here.

The only way the CFP committee ranks us higher is for it to be an ongoing embarrassment for them to keep us out of the NY6 rankings. The more we play, the more it stays relevant, and the more embarrassing it becomes to anyone in the CFP decisions. If we play in a given week, the scandal will be a top story. If we don’t, they’ll talk about something else.

The second, and more important reason is because I want to see this team play as many games as possible. Because it’s just plain fun.
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