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Nov 27, 2020
Hoopster All-American
Around the country Holmoe is viewed as a miracle worker for putting together a
schedule, any schedule, as an independent. Yet, here on CB he is second guessed at every turn, accused of missteps, had his commitment to scheduling “tough” teams questioned (because they are lining up to play BYU and do them a favor) and generally viewed as less than capable in positioning BYU for a better CFP ranking.

Sure, he is not perfect and perhaps some things could have been done differently but we’ll never know. We have no idea what has happened behind the scenes yet many assume Tom is the reason we were not treated better by the CFP committee of clowns.

The mere existence of a schedule for which he is lauded outside of BYU fandom is the same thing that has many fans questioning if he has screwed up.

Sure the committee used the schedule against BYU but they were always going to find excuses to exclude BYU from their exclusive invitational.

I for one thank Tom that this team had a schedule to play.
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