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Dec 1, 2020
mobomanjoe All-American
My CFP rankings prediction for tonight:
I'm going to say that we drop to #17. Northwestern stays right above us despite their ugly loss to Michigan State, and somehow someway USC passes us up, even though they didn't play last week.

Lastly, Coastal Carolina and Liberty will both pass BYU and several other teams into the #7 and #8 spots. Nobody questions the rankings at all, even though Liberty was ALSO idle last weekend. Immediately after it's announced, it'll be mentioned at least three dozen times that College Gameday will be airing from Conway, SC this upcoming weekend to preview the Chanticleers' big game against Liberty in their respective bids to crash the Playoffs. A duel between two top-ten teams.

Also, Vanderbilt will move up to #18. When asked how they justified ranking the 0-8 Commodores, the Playoff Committee chairman will mention that their female kicker is a game-changer moving forward and that they will reward any program that plays female or LGBTQ players. "Or black players," the chairman will continue. "It would be nice if some of these teams would play a black guy sometime and break the color barrier."

"Do you even watch football?" Desmond Howard will ask. "How old are you? What year do you think it is?"

"I can't hear you," the chairman will pretend. "I've lost connection, see you next week."

Kirk Herbstreit will initially be flabbergasted that USC moved ahead of BYU, but will send out a tweet later in the evening under corporate pressure that it makes sense that the idle Trojans would pass up the idle Cougars, because (and I quote his future tweet), "USC WANTED to play last week but couldn't because of the virus. BYU REFUSED to play because they're scared. Plus USC beat Utah, the best winless team in all of football, while BYU hasn't beaten any winless teams."
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