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Dec 1, 2020
BYU Fan Truly Addicted User
NY6 reminder - BYU's competition
Regardless of BYU's ranking tonight, the path to the NY6 remains roughly the same.

I assume at this point that the Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Florida, Big 12 #1, PAC 12 #1, and the G5 champion are locks. That leaves three additional teams to be selected. The most likely candidates at this point are....

#9 Georgia - will be a heavy favorite against Vandy this weekend, ESPN isn't showing any more games. Hopefully their game at Missouri is rescheduled as the Tigers might have a chance of pulling the upset. I don't see a scenario where BYU leapfrogs Georgia without a huge upset.

Big 10 #2 - this could be Wisconsin, Northwestern, or Indiana or heaven forbid Ohio State at this point. There are probably more scenarios for three Big 10 teams to make it at this point than only one. BYU desperately needs Ohio State to win the Big 10 and chaos behind them.

#10 Miami - will get a bid regardless (or North Carolina) if Notre Dame and Clemson both make the playoff. BYU really needs Miami to lose to North Carolina AND for only one ACC team to make the playoff (Notre Dame beats Clemson again or Clemson takes them to the woodshed). I'm not sure that BYU and Miami can realistically both make the NY6.

As BYU fans, we should be cheering passionately for the following....

- OHIO STATE to play and win the Big 10
- North Carolina over Miami
- One ACC team to the playoff
- Georgia to play & get upset by Missouri
- losses for Northwestern, Indiana, & Wisconsin

We can dream of Texas A&M losing or Florida losing multiple games.

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