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Dec 3, 2020
BYUcrew818 Walk-on
Quick CC film breakdown:
From their win over ranked Louisiana:

This is one of their two big wins this year. Couple of takeaways for me.

1. They run a spread option, very interesting and takes a special QB. McCall is legit, athletic but can pull it out and really sling it. Imagine a triple option where the 3rd option is 3 receivers running deep crossers with a competent QB. Idk how you game plan for that let alone in 2 days.

2. They are fast on both sides of the ball, running back could be an issue in the flats. DBs seem average but fly to the ball.

3. Their offensive and defensive lines are small. We will get a huge push on the offensive line and should/need to rush for 250+. Wear them down and drain the clock. If I had to guess Zach will have all day in the pocket. Their O line is pretty small but relatively quick, kinda needed for that offense. 3 man rush could maybe get there based on size mismatch but the ball doesn’t stay back there long. Lot of bang bang plays.

Ok my wife says I should sleep now. Let me know what I missed. Knowing this year I’ll wake up and Liberty will have 0 cases 🙁
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