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Dec 3, 2020
SmashYamato Walk-on
Hello Cougar Nation from Coastal Carolina University
kgrlover was kind enough to say hello to us over at Coastal Fans and invite us over to the CougarBoard. I am an alum and current staff member at CCU and found his post to be one of the most polite ones I've seen from a prospective opponent. I figured I'd take some time and share some basic info about Coastal as a bit of a primer.

Coastal Carolina University (CCU - the preferred abbreviation. People like to post it as CC but for us that's as odd as someone calling your intitution BY.) was started as a local junior college in 1954 by a group of concerned citizens in Horry County (Pronounced Oh-Ree as it's named after an SC militia leader form the Revolutionary war who was of Huguenot descent) who wanted the county children to have access to higher education. Eventually it became associated with the University of South Carolina college system as USC-Coastal. During that time, our mascot, the Chanticleer (pronounced SHON-ti-clear) was chosen to tie into USC's mascot the Gamecock and also have an academic flair. The chanticleer is a character from Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
In 1993, Coastal went independent of USC and became formally Coastal Carolina University. Our most well known academic programs are the Wall College of Business and our Marine Science department.
As far as football goes, our program only started in 2003 playing in the Big South Conference. 2016 was an FBS transition year and we fully joined the Sun Belt Conference in 2017.
This level of success is pretty new to us. Previously we had gotten success in FCS, but this year is pretty unprecedented for us. Having a program as storied and successful as BYU come to Conway and play is just mind-blowing. We really are looking forward to this test. I'm impressed with the BYU organization for being able to get things organized for this to happen. Also, I hope the BYU Equipment truck drivers have a chance to relax and enjoy Horry County after the long haul they're having to make.
Oh and one more thing, CCU is getting a new president starting in January, Michael T. Benson, who happens to be a BYU alum. I'd love for this game to turn into a collaboration between our two schools in more than just Athletics.

and as I finish typing this, I see this:
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Dec 3, 2020
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