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Dec 3, 2020
BYUMizzou Former User
If you've watched film, you've watched CC play against some horrific defenses
That's not a knock on them. We've played some really bad defenses too. But they haven't played anyone close to the level of even Boise or Houston. Both of those teams have better athletes on defense than anyone CC has played.

App State stopped CC most of the game. Their defense looked bad as well. At the end of the play, you often saw a bunch of App State defensive players standing around doing nothing and giving no effort. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of watching HS kids. Some of the kids are flying around and know what need to happen, while the other half have tunnel vision and are doing their own thing with no idea how what they're doing fits into the big picture.

I do think we'll give up some first-half yards and point, but we'll settle in and be fine. We'll stop CC more than CC has success stopping BYU's offense. When that happens, we'll win by at least two touchdowns.
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