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Jan 11, 2021
Ned Schneebly All-American
The last month for me has been all over the place.
No reason for the post other than to just put my thoughts to words. Here's how the last month has gone for me...

Thanksgiving - Moved my Mom out of her home and into a memory care facility because her dementia had gotten to a point where a periodic nurse visiting her house wasn't enough support for her.
Early/Mid-December - The family and I got COVID; no major events other than losing smell and some crummy chest junk
December 18 - Was told my Mom only had a few weeks to live, immediately left for Utah to be with her and my siblings (I have a HUGE family from all over the country). We'd originally planned to leave for Utah for 2 weeks over Christmas anyways. Wife drops me off in SLC area and continues on down to St. G where we were planning to be with her family for the break, albeit while I was planning to leave from SLC with my siblings for the BYU bowl game anyways.
December 21 - Left for the BYU bowl game thinking we still had some time when we'd get back. I was actually hesitant to go but my siblings that I went with encouraged us all to go because there wasn't anything else we could do and getting away would be a good reprieve.
December 22 - Mom passes away
December 23 - Fly from Florida to Las Vegas as planned but with my Mom passing I now need a suit and everything for her viewing and funeral since all of my stuff is back home in CO.
December 26 - Drive up from St. G to SLC for Mom's viewing.
December 27 - Mom's viewing in SLC
December 28 - Drive back down from SLC to St. G
December 30 - Leave for California
January 2 - Mom is buried in California
January 3 - Head back to St. G for the night; Aunt lays bombshell on us about our family; too private to share but it hit hard (no, I'm not adopted and neither were any of my 14 siblings, all same Mom and Dad).
January 4 - Head home from St. G to CO; Get a text from the stake executive secretary asking to meet with the 2nd counselor in the SP
January 7 - Call extended to be 2nd counselor in bishopric (never been in a bishopric before)
January 10 - Called as 2nd counselor in the bishopric

The last time I had anything remotely as chaotic as this was when my Dad died in a motorcycle accident a month after I was married (that same summer 2 of my sisters had their weddings as well). That was crazy and threw us all over the place because it came out of nowhere but Mom's was still very sudden and unexpected (she had dementia but we were told she had a year to two to live). Ultimately, I'm happy for her that she gets to be with Dad again and that she didn't have a slow and painful decline. It happened suddenly and her job was done... she saw all of her 15 kids get married and remain faithful to the church today. My parents were saints, I don't know how they did it.

Oh yeah, and Christmas fits in there somewhere. Just a total emotional roller coaster. Obviously the bowl game was a fun break, as was Christmas, but hearts were still heavy as we were processing Mom passing as suddenly as she did.

Again, not sure why I'm sharing all of this. Just needed to get my thoughts out there. Don't think I ever fully processed my Dad dying and with my Mom now gone I feel like meeting with a therapist to talk through all of this would be good. Not that I'm unstable, but my feelings of sharing all of this make me think that it would be good to chat with someone.
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