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Jan 12, 2021
kotacoug Truly Addicted User
We inherited a renter in the property we bought recently. In here original
lease it said she could pay by check or cashier’s check or cash.

What are secure options for her to get the rent to us? We are out of state, we have had someone we know pick up the cashiers check from her each month but we don’t want to continue doing that. we would like some type of e transaction. She has a horrid credit history and I believe is hiding assets because she does not want to use a check or any type of account. I think she doesn’t want to have money in her account because she doesn’t want the money she is earning to be garnished or whatever.

Anyone have any options. She doesn’t want to do Venmo for the reasons above and
I don’t know if I trust her anyway.

I don’t want her to send the cashiers check in the mail because if it gets ‘lost’ then what?
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