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Jan 15, 2021
MAcc15Coug Contributor
The biggest challenge for the basketball team right now
After watching the last couple games, I think that one of BYU's biggest challenges is ball-handling and quickness. So our offense ends up being a lot of hand-offs that result in congestion, rather than spacing, and it's harder to get open shots.

The way we have dealt with it is by banging inside with a steady dose of post moves and bigs--and our defense has been solid enough to hold us over, but I would like to see a little more penetration and kicking, with ball movement, so the ball is flying around a little more. The primary challenge is that I don't think that our team has many guys with both quickness and lethal shooting ability right now. Last year, having TJ and Jake who could slash and also pop was super helpful for spacing. This year, besides AB, it seems like a lot of our guards that are getting playing time just don't have that same threat of penetration and ball-handling ability (e.g., Knell, Johnson, Harding).

I think our team is solid and physical, which keeps us in most games. But the offense is very different from the flowy, smooth offense of last year.
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