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Jan 19, 2021
Xenon All-American
WHAT? Two hour snow delay for REMOTE AT HOME ZOOM classes?
Ok, so it snowed here in Northern New Mexico. It's enough that it NORMALLY would result in a two hour delay. BUT this is not normal times.....

The High School and the Middle school are both on fully remote, all zoom, at home classes .... AND we get a two hour delay for those classes?

WHY? It's not a safety issue for the kids driving to school in the snow ... my senior just has to roll out of bed and over to his desk to turn on his computer!!!

Oh well, .... let him sleep in a bit until I make him go shovel!!!!

(I suspect in all honesty that is has to do with the people behind the scenes that have to make ZoomSchool work ... some of them probably DO have to be at the schools and maybe they need a two hour delay ..... but it does seem a bit crazy to have a weather delay for AT HOME ZoomSchool!!)
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