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Jan 19, 2021
Xenon All-American
Cleaning out hardwater buildup in Dishwasher spray arms?
So, our dishwasher wasn't working really well, especially on the upper shelf. So I started looking at the parts...

The spray arm from the top was clogged with hard water deposits. So I picked at the little nozzles and flakes of hard water deposits started coming out. Well, I started shaking it, and it rattles, and more flakes come out. I tried soaking over night in vinegar and even more flakes come out..... It seems like a nearly infinite amount of hard water deposits in there.

I knocked it against the sink, and then some really big pieces came out. So, think there is more in there ....

ANYONE have a good ideas for cleaning out INSIDE the spray arms? I'm looking at it, and wishing they designed it to be taken apart so I could get inside and clean it out.... but it looks sealed tight.

I need like a tiny roto-router or something....
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