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Jan 21, 2021
Punk Philosopher All-American
Does anyone need a job? I’ve got hook ups bro...
1. Teaching - I’ve started teaching in the Nebo school district and I know they are looking for more to hire. I teach high school science classes. It pays like $90 to work from 9-2. There’s also more teaching jobs available in the Provo orem area if you’re interested in teaching charter schools.

2. Solar tech sales. We fly you out to Florida or Texas once a month for 10 days and cover all your housing and transportation and then fly you back home. Make $3-5k per sale as a setter and then $10-15k as a closer. You get moved to a closer after 3 months depending on performance. My friend who got me the job made $125k last year working 10 days per month. It’s a really sweet gig.

3. Car detailing. Pays around $25 an hour depending on a few factors. I was working for Mitch Matthews and Brett Thompson for their detailing company and now I’m running my own business and looking for a partner.

My schedule right now is perfect for me. Work 9-2 teaching high school, get home and go do a couple details, and then once a month I fly out to Florida and sell solar. Right now I’m making like around $13k per month just getting started. I anticipate making much more once I move into a closer position and also get more detailing clients and employees so I can have more routes going at once.

Thought I’d post this in case anyone was in need of a job. Really one of the best parts about any of this is you can choose when you want to work. Like today I don’t feel like teaching and I have other stuff to do so I’m not going to accept the job. If I don’t feel like going and doing solar next month I won’t go. It’s perfect for anyone pursuing other things in life who still want to make a livable earning (in my case a graduate degree).

BM me if interested, happy to get you any info and an interview.
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