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Jan 22, 2021
Probable Sacko All-American
They talked a lot about a kid that they admitted they don’t watch play. And it’s one thing to offer up some constructive
Criticism, everyone needs some of that. They were just throwing out stats that he needs to up. He needs to be a stat chaser to win games a la Westbrook and harden. How many rings do those guys have?

Kyrie doesn’t get 30+ 10 Reb and assist games. Steph doesn’t either. Nor does Klay or Lillard or anyone not named Lebron, Luka, Westbrook and harden.

They watch the jazz so little they don’t even realize Don is a SG and Conley (5.7 APG) is the PG. Don averages 4.9 APG.

I have seen several times where Mitchell’s defense has won the game. Where his passing has won the game and where his scoring has won the game. Of course as a fan you need and want him to improve each year. Well, I have been happy with his progress, her has improved each year (slow start to this year aside, he is on a tear the last 10 games). If you look at other “superstars” early in their 4th year you can’t come crashing down on Mitchell like that. It’s ridiculous.

The kid in year 3 recorded the 3rd highest playoff PER of all time. Had the most 3 pointers made in a playoff series. One of like 3 guys to go for 50 2x in a series. He just became fastest to 600 3pt makes. And on that same night a bunch of has been players rag on him for not stealing rebounds from Rudy Gobert lol.

How has Ben Simmons all around prowess helped philly in their championship aspirations? Or Luka and Harden and Westbrook? Donovan is clearly doing what Quin and his system is asking of him.
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