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Jan 22, 2021
nc-puma All-American
I hope it fuels Mitchell's fire. I was just surprised by how naive their
comments sounded (especially Kenny's IMO). Another gem was that Harden is a superstar because he makes his team better by getting assists whereas Mitchell doesn't... therefore Mitchell will never take his team to the next level. Wha? It may be true that Mitchell won't win a title, but Harden? He averages double digit assist and steals yet his teams consistently underperform in the playoffs. Not to mention it's a very different system. The ball is constantly in Harden's hands. Westbrook is in the same category. Despite the assists, players are clamoring to get off both their teams. That was a strange choice to make that point.

The whole tone of the broadcast was odd. Were they venting their jealousy of modern day contracts for players they deem inferior to them?
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