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Jan 23, 2021
HoustonBYUCoug Walk-on
Your examples aren't the same
In person classes are shorter than basketball games. In person classes don't have their attendees moving around a lot, and shouting. In person classes are much less likely to have people break social distancing norms, as you see at basically every sporting event, but rarely see in classes. In classes, people more or less sit where they're supposed to, and don't intermingle a whole lot, and that's not what I've observed to be the case at sporting events. People aren't removing masks for eating and drinking in classes nearly as much as they are at sporting events. In person classes are frankly more important for the university to accomplish their mission than sporting events are. I understand that to you, they are the same thing and exactly equivalent, but they are not.

I still don't understand why you think they lose their right to *ask* for donations. BYU is a non-profit and has always asked for donations. They've never stopped asking for donations, although I do understand the All In campaign is a new emphasis on donations. But now because of this, they aren't allowed to *ask* anymore??? But your equivalating example of using unemployed people waiting for a handout is just wrong. BYU is doing what their doing to try to save lives, not because they don't want to work. Also, they are *asking* for donations from fans, not filing a claim to the government for assistance that they are legally owed based on their income and employment status. Yes, it bothers me too when I hear of someone who is unemployed, and collecting benefits, but not really looking seriously for work. But that's not the same thing as sporting events that are reducing or cancelling fan attendence to save lives for a pandemic.

It seems to me that the *only* reason BYU shouldn't be allowed to *ask* for donations is to protect *you* from feeling guilty for not contributing. (Is there another reason I'm missing?) Let me help you out there. I don't think you should feel guilty. I don't think BYU wants you to feel guilty. But if you want to support BYU athletics and help them survive the pandemic, you are welcome to do so, and they are reminding you that the help is appreciated.
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