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Jan 23, 2021
Xenon All-American
Ya know what I want ... More ROAD in my new roads!!!!
So, there is a very busy section of road leading into town that has been rated consistently "D" on the state scale.

SO, finally, it got put for improvements. Construction has been going on for about a year now, and they are getting close.

They made the "road" almost twice as wide as it was, and pushed back some property lines and such. As the construction was going on, I was excited since it looked like space for 2 lanes in both directions and turning lanes. That was going to awesome. The traffic at rush hour in this stretch of road was horrible.

THEN they started putting in all the "non-road" stuff on the roadway. A big sidewalk on each side (Great, fine with that), then a section of cement meant to look like bricks or pavers (why?), then the put in huge planters in the middle of the road. And then a bike lane...

so ... in the end ... the "road" is now twice as wide, BUT no more lanes than before.... so it will still get a "D" rating after all the construction ... because the same number of cars are going to trying to drive through the same number of lanes as before.

BUT, we have some pretty planters in the middle of the road ... so as you are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, gridlock, crawling along at 3 mph ... You have pretty plants to inspect as closely as you want!!
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