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Feb 16, 2021
Penske Material Truly Addicted User
Wow, Paypal might be even worse than the DMV.....
*I know it's my fault for using paypal. I started using it way back in 2005 and have been too lazy to switch/change.

I forgot my password, so I had to try and use another form of verification. "Let us send you a text!" they say, but it was my old cell phone number. So I called and verified my ID and the guy said he'd update my phone number but it'd take 48 hours to be ready. 48 hours? Really..... Whatever, I'm in no rush. That was Wednesday of last week.

So I go back today to sign in, but it still has my old phone number. Long story short, I spend just shy of an hour and a half speaking with 3 different wastes of skin who couldn't send me an email to verify, couldn't update my phone and couldn't transfer me to their tech center since they don't have one. Still haven't resolved my issue.....
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