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Feb 22, 2021
ByuImaginesDragons Truly Addicted User
I think that’s a “trendy” thing rather than the norm. I do think animals need
Better rights but only regarding treating them humanely. Things such as abusing them being a felony, puppy mills being illegal, and such things as that.
But tax credits like they give for kids??? No! That’s ridiculous. Giving them rights to be anywhere in public buildings (other than trained service animals) , no. We don’t need dogs in restaurants and food stores.
While I wouldn’t consider leaving them home alone for 8-9 hours “inhumane” can most definitely result in behavior issues. Dogs that are bored or don’t get enough human interaction, exercise, or mental stimulation can become misbehaving and destructive. Unless they can provide enough of that to their dogs when they get home, doggy day care can give them that stimulation they need.
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