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Feb 23, 2021
fierce16 All-American
One thing that baffles me is the criticism that Z. Wilson is "Small"
Zach is listed as 6'3" and 210 lbs, and as is the case with most stats - he's probably just under that (although with his off season, he may be able to put on more weight).

This commentator says on air that Zach Wilson is 6'1". Anyone know exactly? I remember reading a post from a fan who stayed in the hotel in Carolina and made the comment that they were surprised at how big Wilson was compared to their expectations.

But my confusion comes as to why/how this is still a thing in the NFL. Isn't Kyler Murray 5'10"? Russel Wilson 5'11"? Drew Brees 6'0"?? The days of the 6'6"+ pure dropback QB are in the rearview mirror - it's why Mac Jones is ranked the 5th best QB prospect in this year's draft - despite throwing 44 TDs, 4 INT's, and completing 77%+ of his passes. If a QB can make all the throws, is a playmaker and athletic enough, size really doesn't seem to matter as much anymore. Hence Kyler, Russel & Drew being dubbed elite QB's.

I suppose if that is the biggest criticism of Zach Wilson's game, He's doing alright 😉
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