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Feb 23, 2021
Cougarbib All-American
And misleading to say that CBS is all you get for the extra $30. The goal was to
increase access - not provide free access.

I get the frustration. I have DirecTv. I negotiate a deal once a year to keep the cost under $80, but it annoyed me to need to add an entire sports pack to get 1 channel. Cost me an extra $10 per month. I can cancel it in April if I am not too lazy. Get it again in the fall, if needed.

I let my kids use my App and they watch it, too, so that offsets it a bit.

I am grateful to be able to get it.

Stadium frustrated me more. Had to watch on my PC or my phone.

It is a complex world we live in. Even with Stadium, I was grateful to find a way to watch it.

PAC has its issues, too.
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