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Mar 2, 2021
Unibro All-American
Chelsea Clinton and Lacrosse

I have this buddy that played “college lacrosse”. He played at Southern Virginia
University and apparently was on scholarship. I use this as definitive proof that lacrosse is the “3 Musketeers” of sports. Why?

Because this friend couldn’t have made the 7th grade basketball team as a Senior in HS. He has two left feet and played like Michael Scott in the basketball episode of the office. No athletic ability at all and he has a scholly to play sports.

Years later he and I met Chelsea Clinton on the campus of University of Utah campus, some sort of political/law lecture event (don’t recall it was super boring) and she was a panelist.

It was not an open to the public event, but this buddy has some kind of connections with the Eccles family and invited me to come along. Afterward there was a social/mixer, and we both approach Chelsea.

I tried to ask her about her comments and my buddy just starts in about his experiences as a “collegiate athlete” playing lacrosse. He was legit trying to pick up Chelsea Clinton using lacrosse of all things. She was polite but not really wooed, let’s just say. When he asked if she would be interested in exchanging info she just said, “no”.

A few other notable people were at the event. Rocky Anderson, Didi Coradini, and Mark Eaton. Lacrosse came up in every conversation. The only one impressed was Rocky Anderson, he did the arm squeeze thing to my friend. Mark Eaton just rattled off some anecdote about Otis Thorpe spilling his Gatorade on Dick Bevetta.

My buddy still talks lacrosse whenever sports comes up in conversation. He says he was a D-pole, if that means anything.

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