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Mar 2, 2021
OU Cougar Truly Addicted User
Trying to decide if I was the most boring young man in Utah Valley in the 80’s
At the merit badge powwow at BYU I signed up for all three citizenship merit badges at the same time, and actually completed them, while everyone else was doing the fun stuff you had at BYU.

My debate coach asked everyone to come up with an issue worth debating and present on it. I chose the adoption of the metric system. My coach at the end of the year gave me an engraved award “destined to become the most sexually active MVHS debate alumni” as a joke to emphasize my status.

I spent lunches at Orem Jr. High learning the finer points of chess.

I dumped a year of paper route money into an Atari 800 computer, taught myself Basic, and programmed a fairly decent race car video game, tic tac toe, and a drafting design art creator thing.

I got to the end of Pac man.

My English teacher assigned us to find an interesting topic to give a speech on. I chose the sun.

I still can’t believe I got married to a hcbw
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