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Mar 26, 2021
JuicyJam Truly Addicted User
JuicyJam pro day/fitness Friday:
I bought into the hype of pro day so I wanted to test out some of my measurements. I work out pretty regularly but was somewhat limited for a while during covid since I live in the Bay Area and gyms were shut down for a long time. Overall I think I did ok:

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 194 lbs
Hand Size: 8 7/8"
Arm Length: I don't know how they do this exactly so I didn't measure
Wing Span:~70" or so. It was hard to do on my own. I have short arms

Bench Press: 21 reps. I was happy with this. Bench is the one thing I'm good at, partly due to my short arms

40 Yard Dash: 4.97 seconds. This was on my third try. I used an app called "Seconds Count". Basically I record my self and then I can start the timer when I start to move and then stop the timer at the 40 yard line in the video. You can go in really slow motion so I think this is pretty accurate. I measured out the distance with a tape measure on a turf soccer field. I did it 3 times because the first two were just over 5 seconds and I wanted to get under.

Vertical Jump: ~26" I didn't have a good way to do this. I know it is bad though. My standing reach is a little below 8' and I can jump up and touch a basketball rim. Or at least I could. I haven't been able to play basketball in over a year. They even took down the rims in public parks. But we'll say 26".

Broad Jump: ~9ft. Not good.

I don't know how they set up the cone or shuttle drill, so I didn't try that. Hopefully my other numbers will be enough as I would like to officially submit my name into the NFL draft.

Also, I have stone hands and my elbow hurts when I throw.
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