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Apr 6, 2021
Rise Against Truly Addicted User
Imagine being so unfulfilled with your own life, so unsatisfied with your own team, so unhappy with your own
accomplishments in life that you find yourself spending hours and hours and hours on your rivals message board trolling, complaining about said rival and their fans, and fighting a constant battle of bickering with those rivals. What a sad, pathetic life. I can't imagine being so unsettled and unhappy that I would ever do that. 3 of the most antagonistic Ute fan posters on this board have posted collectively well over 100,000 times on CB. Wow. I honestly can't wrap my mind around a life that would drive someone to do that, to feel the need to constantly be correcting your rivals on an anonymous online message board. I think they either need some new hobbies to be passionate about, or a new team to "cheer" for.

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