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Apr 7, 2021
Jay Rick Truly Addicted User
My dad has always told stories about how he was bullied as a kid. Moved around a
lot and so was always the new kid; always getting fights as a result.

This would be in the 1940s

As adults, my siblings and I have analyzed these stories at length and realized the sad truth - our dad was a horrible bully, but he didn’t know it.

Basically, he was scared of coming into a new town, so he’d come in and act super tough, pick on people, start fights, all to make himself feel safe. I get that. And it’s sad.

But what’s funny is that out there in the world we realized that there are probably all these other dads from the 40s telling stories about this one awful kid who moved to town and promptly beat them up and ridiculed them. They probably talk about my dad like he’s a monster.

They’re kinda right.
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