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Apr 8, 2021
RUNBYU1 All-American
Report from being AT the Jazz game. F--- the Mormons repeatedly, terrible
shooting, and GREAT to be at a LIVE sports event, even if the Jazz lost.

5500ish fans at the Arena and it felt a bit odd at first. However, by the end of the 3rd quarter, it got LOUD and we forgot all about it. It was awesome to be at a live sports to feel the bass from the speakers, the energy in the air, watch people on the dance cam and other people watching, etc.
As for the game, you could tell from the get go it was just going to be one of those nights for the Jazz as they went down 13-2 early and couldn't hit anything. I think the Blender only happened once tonight...the passing was just not happening. The Jazz only had FOUR assists at half time. At one point, the Jazz were 3 of 22 from 3-point range (13%). It was UGLY. They were lucky to get to 40 points at half time. Just ugly ugly basketball.
Ayton just owned the boards and got as many O-boards himself as the entire Jazz team did for the game. He outworked and outmuscled Rudy and Favs for everything and probably tipped a dozen or so balls to teammates that he didn't get credit for the boards for. The suns KILLED the Jazz on the boards. And Chris Paul killed us with his mid-range game.

The crowd was shockingly loud for only 5000 or so fans. It was playoff like atmosphere the 4th quarter and overtime, and it was awesome.

The Jazz got beat tonight, but they would own Phoenix in a 7 game series, because there is no way they would shoot that bad again. Also, Snyder is an excellent strategist and really improves between games.

I was surprised at all the Utah insults from Suns fans, they were pretty terrible. I got pretty fed up with a guy behind us repeatedly yelling F--- the mormons, and just looked at him and pointed to me and my brother in law (huge suns fan). He said "you're mormons?" Mmm-hmm. "Sorry." But then he told me to be a suns fan and "Start drinking alcohol!" I did get him to give me a handshake after the game and told him we're all good, so hopefully he remembers the positive interaction. Not sure if it would've happened had the Jazz won though 😉

Super fun night!
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