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Apr 8, 2021
RalphWiggam Truly Addicted User
It amazes me how people can be paid to write about things they obviously know
nothing about.

This article for instance...

and the point I’m nitpicking...

“The Sam Darnold trade to Carolina confirmed what we've long expected, which is the Jets targeting a new quarterback here. While I would take Ohio State's Justin Fields in this situation, Wilson appears to be emerging as the favorite to land here. Consistency wasn't his strong suit in 2020, but the flashes of greatness are what the Jets will be banking on with this pick.”

Consistency wasn’t Zach’s strong suit?? How did he reach that conclusion? He had one of the most productive seasons ever, I think finished first or second in completion percentage and had 30+ tds against 3 pics. He was the model of consistency.

You can knock zach for the weak schedule, beating up on poor teams, one stellar season in 3...there is at least something to talk about.

But talking about his lack of consistency? That’s bananas.
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