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Apr 12, 2021
GRCoug All-American
I took my family to a Rockies game last week vs the Dodgers
The stadium felt like it was full even though it was spaced out for social distancing. We were required to wear masks and there was an older guy walking down the aisle with a sign that said masks are required. Probably only half the people were wearing masks though, and when he made eye contact with you you’d throw some crackerjacks in your mouth and he just smiled. He just seemed happy to be at the ballpark.

The game was great, Dodger fans were heckling the Rockies fans, a guy sitting next to his son was cursing the umpire and the crowd started doing the wave when the Rockies pitcher was trying to get out of a jam which caused a torrent of anger from the guy sitting next to me. ‘People are so stupid! You do the wave when the other team is pitching! It very distracting!’ Sure enough they gave up a couple of hits and the go ahead run. It was awesome. We need to get back to sports.
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