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Apr 14, 2021
BlueBlood94 All-American
It's been over a decade since I was so stressed I literally felt sick and nauseated. Flying home today after losing my
license, but they changed our flights so our seats are all messed up, and I lost my debit card and my credit card isn't working because the chip went bad even though it's only a year old. Luckily we have ONE way left to pay, my wife's debit card. And then they messed up our room charges and there's $200 in extra charges that were supposed to be waived but weren't, and the supervisor who checked us in isn't on shift until after we leave and if we reach out to fix them we don't want her to get in trouble as she was essentially doing us a favor. Now I'm heading back to Hollywood Studios to try to fix a droid we bought there that broke due to an incorrect installation and then to Animal Kingdom to talk to their own guest relations about something. This trip has seriously been laughable at how many things have gone wrong. So. Many. Things (seriously, if I made a list you probably wouldn't believe me). I just can't wait to be home in my own bed tonight, assuming we make our flight and security doesn't give me too hard a time with losing my ID. On top of everything, the phone calls with my family discussing my sister's impending funeral have not made anything easier. But hey, football season is only 4 months away and I have been sporting BYU gear every day of the trip and met many fellow Cougars, including one whose daughter served in my mission.
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