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Apr 15, 2021
Cougar-Duck Murderbot
I biked the Jordan River Parkway last Saturday from Gardner Village (7800 S) down to North Temple. It was a fantastic
trail for biking. I wish I had known about it years ago. It is an entirely paved walking/biking trail with numerous parks, trees, and grassy areas almost the entire way.

On the south end of the valley, there are many children and parks and a few golf courses, and it's clear the government spent a lot of money to try and make it nice. The closer to North Temple I got, the types of people clearly changed and it was less of a kids environment and more of an inner-city bike path environment, but it was still fun, well maintained, and seemed safe the whole way. The bridge over the railroad tracks near 200 South is cool - so is the old mansion on one side of the bridge.

If you are looking for an easy outdoor activity to do with kids and family - check it out, especially on the south half of the valley. I look forward to going back and doing it again.
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