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Apr 15, 2021
4th and Niner Truly Addicted User
I get that crypto is unfamiliar and new for most. But make an effort to learn.
It’s here to stay and there are some legitimate coins with strong communities and large institutional investors.

If you want to keep it safe and simple, just DCA some money into Bitcoin and Ethereum. I’m not talking about moving all of your 401k contributions, just drop whatever you feel comfortable with into it on a regular basis and forget about it just like you do with your retirement accounts. Someday you’ll be surprised at what it has amounted to.

To me, crypto has become another form of diversification that reasonable and responsible people can feel good doing. In fact, it will soon be strange to NOT have crypto as part of a well-balanced portfolio.

Once you get comfortable, you can start YOLOing it into poocoins on pancake swap hoping to strike it rich.
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