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Apr 16, 2021
Pimpin4Paradise All-American
Doge has impressed on my mind the importance of walking away from charts when
dealing with cryptos. Not always of course, but sometimes you need to just stop looking at things to avoid doing something you’ll regret.

I bought Doge at .07 initially and then continued to buy until I dollar cost averaged my way down a basis of around .05. At that point, I just walked away to focus on other cryptos as I’m sure many of you are well aware. I hadn’t looked at my Doge in like 2 months before the other day. When I saw the news and looked at the charts, I decided to up my position considerably. It has paid off though I’m still very small potatoes in comparison to many Dogebros.

Just be patient. Find a project/token you have conviction in and sit on it. It blows my mind how many Doge billionaires and millionaires have been made. Props to them for having the balls to hold this long. They deserve their success.
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