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Apr 16, 2021
Michael McQuain All-American
Dumped all my COIN and EBET this morning for DOGE
Never think the CB $$$ category collective isn't a powerful influencer. SO many DOGE enthusiasts here I couldn't help myself. Got in at around .33

Going to stop dinking round with IPOs (....I jumped on COIN and EBET this week and managed to literally lose enough money to buy 4 season tickets) and just HODL my DOGE and my beloved AMC.

Also going to slowly buy back into GME but most of my investing will be AMC. I believe in the company and the stock. I don't for a second buy into the FUD from the investing lying media who try and convince AMC apes that streaming services will be the downfall of people going to theaters.


People still go to stadiums and arenas to watch sports even though they can see them 24/7 on TV. People will always LOVE packing into an auditorium with family and friends and strangers to watch a blockbuster on a big screen with ATMOS and fresh theater popcorn. As we continue to ease out of the pandemic....AMC is going to climb at a minimum to the level of little brother Cinemark.

So......lesssssssssss GOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMC and DOGE !!!!
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