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Apr 19, 2021
ReyOso Intervention Needed
I would be hesitant to recommend or not for anyone, but some thoughts. . .
It's non-addictive. I had the opposite feeling of wanting to use it again when I was done. It felt calm and peaceful after, but I was hoping it would be a one time only shot. Like someone telling me I should watch this movie, because it would make me cry. Well maybe I don't want to cry. Or maybe I already saw a sad movie, and while it was great, it needs to come in small doses.

The other thing I understand is that it doesn't work if you use it within a couple of weeks, because the brain learns how to filter it out, because it's really attached to its version of reality. You have to give it a resting period to reset. I haven't really experienced this myself yet, but I did tons of research into it ahead of time, worried about the drug side of things.

I do understand this concern, though. I also think people have cautioned against psychedelic substances for people with bipolar and other serious mental illnesses like that. It has worked for addictions, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, though. I'm not a doctor, or expert, but that's my understanding.
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