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Apr 19, 2021
jkccoug All-American
Ayahuasca is supposed to do something like this. I know some who’ve tried it and
Lost their minds completely, some who didn’t notice anything except throwing up, and some whose mind was blown in a good way.

I agree with you fully in the sense that there is a proper use for substances, to help our spirits escape the blinders/shackles of our bodies. I haven’t really participated except for a few years back when I had crippling anxiety and depression that I got medication for. Now I fully believe that there is value there, although I have yet to try ayahuasca or psilocybin.

The important thing is that the substances should be a kickstart to the ability to manage without them, by giving us a vision of what life CAN be like and giving us hope. They aren’t meant to be permanent and if used in that way can become troubling for people.

There are clearly some exceptions involving long term mental illness, but for most it should be a bridge to a better future not a long term solution IMO.
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