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Apr 21, 2021
Iman23 All-American
Is $1500+ normal for an evaluation for an ACL tear?
I don't have insurance so i cash pay (I have Liberty Healthshare, which will cover some of this, but it's all out of pocket and then I get reimbursements from LHS)

My son tore his ACL last week.

We went and got an evaluation from a specialist at her office, which is just in a little office park. They charged us $200 up front. At the visit, she did an Xray, and drained fluid from the knee and gave us a Breg-T leg brace ($165 on Amazon).

I got an email from Dr. office last night that I have a balance of $1,350.

Thanks to CB, I shopped around and got an MRI for $450 that was only 10 minutes from my house (the doctor's office recommended the shop below them in the building, but they wanted around $1000, and I called two other places and got $750 and $950 for cash prices for an MRI).
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