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Apr 21, 2021
oxcoug Intervention Needed
So what's it like not having thick, lustrous hair that women want to touch?
just trying to understand my fellow humans a little better and this Cougar Board seemed like a good place to start on this question since I am guessing some of the less voluminous types are here. Also perchance you can tell me what it's like to have never traveled the world extensively and lived in sixteen different countries because I find that very hard to relate to. And is there any kind of application where I can learn to stop talking down to gen z kidz?

Go ahead, I'm all ears (at least once I brush back these luxurious wavy locks).

And hi again, from the nieces of errr oxcoug who is pretty dumb for leaving his laptop open with us when he leaves to go shout into his phone so loud that we can hear he's on the back deck. We're the ones who told you about him farting like a horse and we'll be back.
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